I just wanted to say thank you Doctor X for your continued efforts and ask one simple question. What do you know about ibogaine being used to “cure” addiction? I read somewhere that ibogaine use can lead to heart failure so I was turned off by this, but a cure for addiction is something I am definitely interested in. I have been addict as early as 12 years of age and Im in my 30s now.



There is some evidence (both from animal data and humans) that ibogaine can be useful in reducing withdrawal symptoms and reducing craving. Because of ibogaine´s status as a Schedule I substance, the development of its use in the treatment of drug addiction has taken place outside conventional clinical and medical settings. I have reports of people whose life has changed after ibogaine. I also know people in which it has had no effects. In my opinion, addiction problems are complex and it is difficult to solve them completely with the use of a psychedelic.It can work for some people but I don’t believe it can be considered as a magic bullet, effective for everyone. There are also reports of adverse and toxic effects, even deaths (well…this happens with conventional medication sometimes, too…). People with cardiological medical background should be specially aware about this


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