My sister is an heroin addict .. how do i make her stop using these fucking opiates??


Some people quit opiates by themselves. Other need medical and/or psychological help. There are some drugs that make the process of detoxification easier or long-term treatments to avoid relapse. But quitting opiates or any other drug is always a personal decision. There is no way that you can make her quitting opiates. It does not mean that you can’t help her.  She will not change until she feels opiate use is a problem for her. It is common that opiate addicts do not realize this, so, in a first step you can try to help her to realize of the real and particular problems that opiates have in her concrete case. Once she is conscious of this, changes will be much easier.In any case, it is extremely difficult to assess about these aspects through a forum. If we could arrange a chat/videoconference, that could be easier

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