I have a general question regarding the combination of GHB and cocaine, my research has yielded quite contradictory results.
The common stance seems to be that any combination of a cns depressant and stimulant will put undue strain on the cardio-vascular system, but I also found information that would consider this combination health-beneficial.

Some characteristics of GHB found on Erowid:  low toxicity, relatively few contraindications, slowing of the heart rate without loss of blood pressure, muscle relaxation, absence of respiratory depression, reduction of body temperature, and various protective and anti-shock actions. –  These properties seem to antagonise some cocaine related health issues.

Here is another opinion on that particular combination:
“Coke is a very powerful systemic vasoconstrictor (reduces blood flow). GHB is a very power systemic vasodilator (increases blood flow). Apart from the obvious enhancement to both sexual function and sexual pleasure, it also protects the major organs (such as the heart and liver) from reduced blood flow in response to coke’s vasoconstricting qualities. So it serves a health protective function additionally.”

As an ordinary person, I have a hard time to assess the risks of this combination. One could even assume that the combination is safer as opposed to cocaine on it’s own.



It is very difficult to predict the effects and risk of a combination of drugs based in theoretical information about their characteristics. The fact that a drug is a “vasodilator” or “vasoconstrictor” in a very general and basic idea: pharmacological mechanisms, duration of effects, selective effect on arteries or veins, central vs. peripheral effects…should be considered. In the case of GHB+cocaine we can consider “theoretical-potential positive effects” but also “theoretical-potential risks”. For example, both GHB and cocaine reduce the threshold for seizures, so it is possible that this combination could trigger a seizure.

Dosage and timing are also very important aspects to be considered. Little increments in GHB dosage produce dramatic changes in effects and cocaine is a short-acting drug, so effects and risks are very dependent on these factors. Combining moderate common recreational dosages of GHB and cocaine does not seem to be a high risk mixture. At least there are not many scientific case reports involving this combinaton . But I think there are not enough data to consider a “health protective function”


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