I have big trouble finding information on 2C-B. I saw post where you say it may be harmless, on erowid/bluelight, the health info is very incomplete and this molecule is classified as RC.

I also saw that his 2C- cousins seems way more powerful/dangerous.

Do you have any explanation/articles/research on this topic, in order to understand why 2c-b may be less harmfull than MDMA or others 2C or NBOMes.


In general, Research Chemicals (RCs) are substances recently synthesized with little or non-existent data in humans about risks and effects.  In fact, 2C-B (4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine) should not be considered a RC, as there are some clinical and pharmacological data on humans, it was synthesized in late 70s and been widely used by dozens of thousands of persons over 30 years. Compared risks with other RCs or NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) as bromo-dragonfly or NBOMEs would be exaggerated. There is much more information and experience on 2C- than on these substances.

2C-B has occasionally appeared in recreational settings as a substitute for MDMA in periods of shortage of this substance . Common recreational dosages osciles between 5-30 mg. 2C-B psychedelic effects are noticeable depending on dosage, but in general are milder than MDMA, so it can produce anxiety problems (mostly in people who take 2C-B thinking it is MDMA), but there are no data of long-term effects, physical damage to any organ or other important short or long term effects. There are only 2 reports of toxicity associated to 2C-B, that must be considered as anecdotical



2C-B is the 2C-X with a longer experience of use in humans, and this is a point when considering risks. Its moleculal structure (an unique atom of bromine) seems similar to other prescription drugs and there is a lack of bizarre molecular structures that suggest harms. In fact 2C-B is a minimal modification of mescaline.

The long time of 2C-B human use (more than 30 years) and the limited number of reports on human toxicity are the main arguments to consider this substance relatively safe (or at least safer than others). Mild psychedelic effects are pleasant for most people, although it is important to be cautious with dosages, frequencies, setting of use, drug combinations…as any other substance. General recommendations about psychedelics are important.

There are also some human data about 2C-B:



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