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Sexual effects of antihypertensive drugs

Posted on Dec 21, 2016 in Adverse effects, Doctor X files

  I’ve had hypertension with associated slight (like 90-100bpm) tachycardia at times for about 6 months now. The doctor started me on 100mg of metoprolol x2 per day and chlorthalidone 25mg (a diuretic) once a day. This had the desired effect of treating the high BP and heart rate, but has had unfortunate sexual side effects. I guess there is a precedent of it with both these medications. I talked to my doc about it and they cut the diuretic and halved my metoprolol dosage. However, since this change I’m experiencing the BP/tachycarida symptoms again. My question to you is...

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Cannabis, tachycardia and aneurysma

Posted on Aug 25, 2016 in Adverse effects, Doctor X files

  Marijuana is sort of famous for increasing heart rate – some websites talk about it effecting an increase of 40 bpm, while others mention an increase of 50% over resting heart rate. Personally, my heart rate goes from a resting rate of 70 bpm, to about 120 bpm (as if I’m jogging), and I have measured it to go as fast as 156 bpm, which is about 80% the maximum heart rate for my age group. This >120 bpm heart rate can persist for an hour, sometimes two. Of course, if I were running a marathon, this would be considered normal and safe, but all of this is when I am at rest...

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