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SSRI and DMT interactions

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  does SSRIs mess up a dmt trip?     SSRI diminish in general effects of psychedelics acting in 5-HT receptors like DMT. This effect is only partial, this inhibition is rarely complete  

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Borderline personality disorder and drug interactions

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  i might have to be put on mood stabilisers to treat BPD but i enjoy the occasional chemical binge every now and then (or ‘weekend’ as it’s known to most people    :P). i know SSRI’s are a no-no when it comes to MDMA but can anyone tell me if lithium (or any other mood stabilisers they might give me) interact with: Cocaine MDMA Benzos Cannabis i seriously doubt it has any effect on pot, but i am quite the stoner so thought i’d add it to the list. currently tapering off a semi-serious Etizolam problem as well, hence benzos on the list (i know tiz is not strictly...

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Antidepressants and LSD interactions

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  I take 150mg Wellbutrin XR and 50mg Tresleen (Sertralin) every morning as treatment for depression. My question: How many days ahead of an LSD trip do I have to stop taking these meds in order to experience decent effects?     Effects of SSRIs are not immediate, it should be necessary 10-14 days to be completely clean. Anyway, I do not recommend stop taking your pills to use LSD if you are using them as a consequence of a mental health problem (anxiety, depression…) . I think it should be better to wait to until the problem resolves, as LSD can trigger mental health problems in...

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