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Multiple questions

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  i have some questions about some combinations: 1. is it good to use modafinil when using other stimulants (from MDMA to amphetamines)? i use it with depressants (GBL, alcohol) and it works perfectly, but i am not sure if using them with other stimulants does not put too much stress on the brain (i use a lot of antioxidants before, during and after every session with stimultants) 2. i heard that some people use sildenafil/tadalfil to reduce vasoconstriction that some stimulants induce – do you think it is a good idea? also, since alcohol also is a vasodilator would it be good to use a...

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Opiates and lower back pain

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Been thinking about asking this, so here goes. I’m a 55 year old male who, over the course of about 35 years has had 3 lower back laminectomys and finally, about 18 years ago, a lower back fusion. Now don’t get me wrong, that lower back fusion was one of the best things I’ve ever done. It allowed me to go back to work full time as an automotive mechanic for 15 years. However, a few years ago, the lower back pain started getting progressively worse to the point where I could no longer work. I am now in constant chronic pain and am able to control it fairly well with opioids....

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Tolerance to opiates

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  Does opioid tolerance last a lifetime?  More specifically if someone was regularly taking opioids for years, developed a high tolerance, but was able to withdraw and stay off for several years – would the tolerance remain?  Or would it return more quickly than in someone who never had a tolerance?   Tolerance does not last a lifetime. Depending of family of substances it lasts more or less time. For opiates, it is necessary weeks or months to significantly reduce tolerance. In some months tolerance diminish practically to levels of people who never had used substance. In persons with...

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