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Nitrous and LSD neurotoxicity

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  I have a more specific question concerning N2O (mixed with other substances like LSD).Over the last couple of months it has become somewhat if a ritual for me to induce myself into an LSD trip once or twice a month, very often with the assistance of short nitrous oxide “flashes”.Now I know the effects it creates: Next to light headedness, slight euphoria and halluzinogenic coloring, I get a strong visual and sonic “echoing”. Visual in the case that it’s like you are only able to see one still picture, and after the effects of the N2O slowly wear off, more and...

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Interactions between nitrous oxide

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  Are there anydangerous interactions between nitrous oxide and other drugs? especially i couldn’t find any info about if it dilates blood vessels and should be not used with other drugs that dilates or constricts blood vessels? (i am well aware of the interactions with psychedelics and how it affects the experience, i’m talking about psychical interactions)   There are not described cases of nitrous oxide interactions with other recreational drugs resulting in significant health problems. Problems with its use come primarily from a bad administration route or dosage. When used...

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