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Adequate age for using cannabis

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  What would you tell someone 15-22 who came to see you and said they were thinking about using cannabis? “Everyone says it’s great fun and safer than drinking. Enlightened governments are legalizing it around the world.  Some of my friends do it and they are still getting good grades.”  What would you tell this fictional, curious, would be cannabis consumer?   My understanding of your opinion of psychedelics is to take them infrequently and integrate the experience into your life before dropping again.  Do you think the same applies to mota? For over fifty years we have...

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Dextroamphetamine and neurotoxicity

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  What makes you believe that dextroamphetamine is not neurotoxic at therapeutic dosages?   Dosages of dextroamphetamine that produce neurotoxicity are much higher than those used in human therapeutics. In animal experiments dosages are between 20-60 mg/kg injected. That would be 1.2-3.6 gr of injected d-amphetamine for humans. In animals, these dosages produce neurotoxicity but also death caused by hyperthermia of most specimens. These effects are not seen in humans.

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