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Methylphenidate and ADHD

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  I’ve been taking Rubifen to keep me focused during work (long, laborious, and no time to fit it all in).  I also think that I might be suffering from the so called ‘ADHD’, because a day or two after starting, I noticed how productive and focused I was.  The problem has come that I’m now needing higher doses in order to get into the focus/buzz zone. I say focus/buzz, because I find I’m my most productive when I’m experiencing a little high with it too. At first I was taking 40-60mg per day.  But now I have no hesitancy to pop 60 when I wake up, and then...

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Cocaine effects

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  I’ve recently used Cocaine and found it to only give me a numbing sensation in the nose (becomes a little runny as expected) and throat (after it settles in) there isn’t a strong stimulate feeling whatsoever. I’ve had more of a buzz from large doses of coffee even, is this normal or would higher purity coke cause a lack of speediness? I was a regular user of Ritalin as a child (about 5 years or so) if that matters.   There is no cross tolerance between caffeine and cocaine, so the fact of large doses of coffee does not affect effects of cocaine. Previous use of...

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Ritalin and hypothyoroidism

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  I have hypothyroidism (I am not on any medication right now, i used to take 100 mg so I would last through the day, now I just do a nap) and now i want to take ritalin for studying. I’ve read that there could be adverse effects if someone has problems with its thyroid. But it is only meant for hyperthyroidism or also for hypothyroidism?   There are no contraindications or pharmacological interactions between hypothyroidism or drugs used in its treatment and methylphenidate. Combination is pharmacologically...

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Amphetamine and neurotoxicity

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  I am prescribed dexedrine and ritalin. Would it be a good idea to combine the two drugs to counteract amphetamine neurotoxicity?   Neurotoxicity of dextroamphetamine is only manifested at very high dosages in some animal models. Dosages used in human prescription are under neurotoxic levels. Methylphenidate (Ritalin) neurotoxic potential is even lower, insignificant, according to studies. So neurotoxicity should not be a matter of concern, considering oral route...

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