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Contraceptive and recreational drugs interactions

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  My girlfriend has been in a panic lately about her contraceptive pill (mercilon). Previously she has always had a bar in her arm but switched 2 months ago to the pill. Do any of the following affect how well the pill works:MephedroneMethyloneCocaineMdmaAlcoholor in any combination of the above?     There are not significative pharmacological interactions known between recreational drugs and hormonal anticonceptives. The only exception is tobacco, that, in combination with some hormones can raise the risk of some cardiovascular problems....

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MDMA frequency of use

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  How bad is it to roll on MDMA/bk-mdma once a week for 2 or 3 weeks? I know you are supposed to wait at least a month+. Would you know which of mdma or bk-mdma is “safer”?     MDMA is much safer than bk-MDMA. MDMA has been known for over a century, there are enough data to know its effects, risks and possible problems. Research on bk-MDMA is much lesser and its risks are potentially unknown. Structural differences of these two compounds is little but, in chemistry, a simple change of an atom can mean different properties and risks. Recommendations on MDMA spacing are general. In...

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Methylone dosage and neurotoxicity

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  My question: I was using MDMA once a month and decided to start alternating with methylone (one month MDMA, the next month methylone), in order to reduce the serotonine depletion, because I understand methylone works relatively more on dopamine than on serotonine. My methylone dosage on the other hand is always quite a bit higher than my MDMA dosage (250mg MDMA vs 400mg methylone, spread over the night) I realize methylone is not as well studied as MDMA, but I have never experienced any adverse reactions or bad comedowns or after effects, so I am not worried about that. My main concern is...

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