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Isotretinoin and recreational drugs

Posted on Dic 16, 2016 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  I’m being treated with Isotretinoin and I use multiple drugs as 2C-B, shrooms, weed, MXE, LSD, MDMA, 4-AcO-DMT, 6-APB, 4-FA which of these can I continue using? which ones should I avoid?     You should avoid any drug with potential to harm liver or modify hepatic blood tests. From your list, 2C-B, shrooms, weed, LSD and 4-AcO-DMT are probably safe, although, as far as I know there are not clinical trials to say that combination is “absolutely” safe...

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Isotretinoin interactions with MDMA and psychedelics

Posted on Nov 2, 2016 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  I take 30mg of Isotretinoin every day, my weight is 78kg. Which drug I can’t take? I mainly intersted in MDMA and 2CB, I never take MDMA but I would try it very soon at a party, 0.1g + 40ug LSD, there are problems? I know that I can’t drink alchool with isotretinoin but is fine to drink one or two beer every three month?     Isotretinoin can alter some blood test parameters related to liver, as aminotranspherases. A raise in this count can be interpreted as indicative of toxicity. Some illegal or recreational drugs can alter aminotranspherases too and increase...

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