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Cannabis and fluoxetine for pregnancy

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  My partner is currently on Lovan 20mg and smokes roughly 3.5g of weed a week. We have recently found out she is pregnant so her doctor has started cutting back her lovan by 5mg every 2 weeks. After the first 2 weeks she has found it tough to do this whilst also reducing her weed intake, she was thinking of coming of one drug at a time to lessen the impact on her. Is this safe to do so, and if so, which one should she come off first?   Use of cannabis during pregnancy has not been related to birth defects. There is some evidence that it can cause a lower weight of newborn (although this may...

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MDMA and antidepressants

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   I have a couple of contraindication questions. I am currently taking bupropion and fluoxetine as prescribed. I have heard that mixing these with X can cause fatal serotonin syndrome, while others just say it kills the high. How dangerous is it, really? How long would I have to stop taking these in order to get them out my system enough to take X? Also, is taking ketamine with these pills dangerous? I realize that drugs are generally a risk. Still, I’m not willing to risk death for a high.   The possibility of a fatal serotonin syndrome mixing MDMA, bupropion and fluoxetine is more...

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