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MDMA and cocaine interactions

Posted on Oct 20, 2017 in Doctor X files, Drug interactions

  What would the consequence of using MDMA and Cocaine in the same night be?     The consequences would depend in many factors: timing, total dosage, frequence and personal and environmental factors. In general a variable degree of hyperstimulation could be expected. For most people this is not a pleasant combination, as cocaine reduces empathic effects of MDMA. But it also a matter of personal taste…high dosages of both substances make unpleasant effects (tachicardia, hypertension, anxiety…) more likely...

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Drug storage

Posted on Ene 9, 2017 in Doctor X files, Other drug question

  With the slight temperature changes throughout the year & how they are stored inside my locked box, would they be affected any way? I’m unsure how to store Xanax as well. I keep them in a clear plastic bag, inside my main big blue drug tin with everything else.  Some Xanax are in aluminum screw top pill tubes. Is the pill tube method of storage better than a clear plastic bag? Or doesn’t it matter as long as they are in the blue tin & no light can get in to damage the tablets? The same goes for coke storage. It is just sitting in a clear plastic bag, on it’s...

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Cocaine pattern of use

Posted on Ene 6, 2017 in Doctor X files, Pattern of use

  How often a week doing coke up the nose will be heading for a serious habit? I’ve found my cola usage is going up a bit now I have found some decent quality gear & I’ve been using 1mg Xanax to ease the comedown & help me fall asleep which it does perfectly. I understand that everybody’s different with regards addiction & tolerance levels but any imput from you would be really appreciated I’m going through about a gram per week, spread out from the weekend & a session midweek sometimes, would it be a good idea to slow down for a while as I find...

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Cocaine and cold

Posted on Ene 3, 2017 in Adverse effects, Doctor X files

  Bit of a random question but here goes… I’m getting over a cold (green/yellow snot – gross I know!) I clear my nose by blowing & spraying some saline up it to clear & unblock it before snorting & although I can feel the effects of the coke, would the coke feel stronger if I had a completely clear & dry nose??? I don’t want to be wasting decent gear, I’d much rather save it for when my nose clears.   Yes…absorption by intranasal route depends on state of nasal mucous membrane. If the membrane is swollen because of a flu/cold,...

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Borderline personality disorder and drug interactions

Posted on Dic 30, 2016 in Doctor X files, Drugs and diseases

  i might have to be put on mood stabilisers to treat BPD but i enjoy the occasional chemical binge every now and then (or ‘weekend’ as it’s known to most people    :P). i know SSRI’s are a no-no when it comes to MDMA but can anyone tell me if lithium (or any other mood stabilisers they might give me) interact with: Cocaine MDMA Benzos Cannabis i seriously doubt it has any effect on pot, but i am quite the stoner so thought i’d add it to the list. currently tapering off a semi-serious Etizolam problem as well, hence benzos on the list (i know tiz is not...

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