I am just wondering if there are any drugs that you would advise against using for someone with possible Bipolar Disorder? Or, maybe even drugs that might help alleviate some of the symptoms – if only temporarily.

I have not been properly diagnosed (waiting periods and referrals, so I haven’t seen the new psychiatrist yet) but I have treatment-resistent depression (~5 years) and lately I feel strongly that it really is bipolar. I don’t want to do anything to possibly make this situation worse but I am not sure if I can make it through this waiting period easily, and might need some help (why I am here at SR2).

I am female and early 20’s, if this is relevent, currently on 300mg a day Efexor. I use cannabis sometimes but not too often, and other than that I don’t really have much experience with drug use. I have a tendency for self-harm and I know that my drug use can influence this sometimes, so I want to know if I can find a balance between these things and if any drug can help me do this while I am waiting??



I understand your situation. We do not know your diagnosis (maybe it is not so important, maybe it is just a “tag”) but I think you are suffering.

Drugs are mind-altering substances. For most people this is not a problem, but maybe, for you, in this moment of your life, this is not adequate for you. Maybe for you it is more difficult to handle mind-altering substances, so I would not recommend you using them in general. If you have a tendence to self-harm, also, this could worsen the problem.

For some people, anti-inflammatory drugs are bad; I think in this moment, drugs, in general,are not adequate for you.


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