I had stomach issues lately and after a CT Scan, doctor confirmed I have a Diverticulitis.
Now I’m taking antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and painkillers and waiting to get better.

My question is, taking drugs like amphetamines or mdma (not during antibiotics treatment) is still safe for me?
I’m not talking of daily (ab)use, but 2-3 times in a month.



If medical treatment works correctly,you are free from symptoms and you can have a normal life, it is unlikely that common recreational dosages of MDMA or amphetamines will have a negative impact in your disease. Theoretically, it is possible some effects of MDMA in immune system that could prejudice or reactivate a latent infection, but I think in real world this risk is unlikely. Anyway, it should be important to wait until complete recovery and having a normal life before trying drugs.


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