With the slight temperature changes throughout the year & how they are stored inside my locked box, would they be affected any way?

I’m unsure how to store Xanax as well. I keep them in a clear plastic bag, inside my main big blue drug tin with everything else.  Some Xanax are in aluminum screw top pill tubes. Is the pill tube method of storage better than a clear plastic bag? Or doesn’t it matter as long as they are in the blue tin & no light can get in to damage the tablets?

The same goes for coke storage. It is just sitting in a clear plastic bag, on it’s own inside my locked blue tin. Is this good enough to store coke? I know coke attracts moisture so would it be a good idea to do the same to my coke supply as what I have done with my MDMA & LSD. Or is it just not worth all the effort to try & protect all my substances so I should just leave it all as it is in my locked up blue safety box?

Sorry if this random question has bored you, can’t blame you for giving up reading half way through. Those of you that have read the whole thing, well thanks for reading it if you managed to get to the end.

Opinions on storing your own substances would really be appreciated



Most drugs are very stable and keep their properties during years if kept in good conditions. The conditions you describe seem reasonable enough to be able to keep them in good conditions during years. Amphetamine and amphetamine derivatives are very stable substances and will keep their activity during years, even decades if conserved in a dry, dark, ambient temperature space. LSD and cocaine are more sensible to sunlight and they lose potency if not properly stored or exposed to sunlight or extreme temperatures. Marijuana also suffers degradation (in months-years).

The conditions you describe seem enough. In general it is not a good idea to store drugs in the freezer, because of high humidity (unless they have been previously vacuum-sealed)


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