I was wondering if you knew of any long term effects (postive or negative) from DMT use (heavy or not).



As many other “classical psychedelics” organic toxicity of DMT is practically nonexistent. There are no reported cases of intoxication resulting in acute death. Lethal dosage is calculated based in animal models and it seems a reasonably secure drug. There are no reports about neurotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, hepatotoxicity or damage to other human organs, not even in animal administration. Problems of long-term or acute DMT are of psychological nature. For some people it can be difficult to integrate psychedelic experiences. In people using it very often it can be difficult to distinguih between normal and modified states of consciousness, or difficulties to integrate these experiences in normal life. In a classical, psychiatric point of view, this could lead to anxiety or other affective disorders. It is also possible (uncommon, but possible) to trigger a psychotic episode. A complete review about DMT effects: http://www.moishv.com/works/iceers-org/docs/science/ayahuasca/ayahuasca-paper-addiction-ja07.pdf


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