I want to try DMT and wanted to ask you as a first timer what is the dosage i should use and what type of DMT should i use, and if there is any side effects?


DMT is a strong psychedelic characterized by intense visuals and deep psychedelic effects. DMT is not active by oral route (unless you use another drug, a mono-amino-oxidase inhibitor), so it has to be smoked, injected  or snorted. Smoked route is the most usual and safe. A typical DMT dosage is 15-60 mg. DMT is smoked in successive breaths until the user is not able (or does not want) to take another hit. To avoid risks of accidents it is recommended not to do this alone.

DMT is a unique substance. It can be synthesized in laboratory or appear naturally in some plants (as beverage containing ayahuasca). Synthetic DMT makes much easier to measure dosages. There are different derivatives with different properties. 5-MeO-DMT is similar in effects to DMT but much more potent (5-10 mg smoked is enough to have full effects). 4-AcO-DMT is a derivative of DMT active by oral route and effects last during 3-5 hours.

Risks are related with psychological stress in persons unable to integrate the experience, psychotic reactions or other mental health problems (usually in genetically predisposed persons), fear,  accidents (dropped pipe, knocking things over, falling)

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