I forgot to mention that I take L-cartinine, L-tyrosine (I prefer NALT – seems more effective), sometimes I add noopept (co-stim of neurones via increased blood), Mg2+glycylate, Omega 3 (normal/double RDA), multivit (good one), CoenzymeQ (or whatever it’s called), plus or minus Isoprenolate Choline (or whatever the first chem is in the mix).  every few days i take a componud b supplement, sometimes (once a week) i take vit D (but you make most from your melanocytes), also I go to the gym very often – intense cardio to keep my bp and hr down, and in general to keep my metabolism going (but i notice if i’ve taken some rubifen within 4 hours of the gym – I sweat proffusely)

Added supplements (if i’m not on a lot already  ) – BCAAs (not every day, and not too many, usually the days i work out); guarrana tablets with gincko and some type of berry in it; sometimes i take creatinine also (small concentrate tablets – but not too many, usually one in the morning and if i work out, 2 1hr before)

Diet is extremely lean and healthy (i believe) – meat is minimal, and if I eat it (every other or 2 days) – it’s usually chicken.  Fish i eat every other day (tuna/trout); Tofu is something i’m pretty much eating regularly, but not too much (I heard that selenium is carcinogenic these days  – what isn’t except the air we breathe?  ); fruit (but i admitt most is via fresh juices, and where i live their mainly concentrate – which i’m not happy about); veg – i limit the veg that i eat – mainly green (salad, pepper, cucumber, etc) but i eat a lot of garlic (mixed with food/roasted/pickled); onions a lot (can’t get enough); sweetcorn every day, beans every day (natural – harricot, falcone, red kidney, lentils, etc).

I know you’re saying to taper it down – but the thing is, how long is long term use?  I usually take breaks twice a week ( so tomorrow I wont take any and also on sunday), then the next day i susspend the 1st dose until i start to feel tired.

With all the above – am i saving my self?

Also drink plenty of milk, water, and soya milk. – Don’t drink alcohol often (All last year until two months ago I didn’t have a single drop – too much work, it wouldve seriously hindered my productivity).

Sorry for all this, just my main concern was my liver, but now you’re talking about the heart (I completely forgot about this!!) – sensitive data below – sorry again



There is no proven efficacy of most dietary supplements you mention, at least in healthy normal people. Most nutrients are in enough quantities in a varied, healthy diet and adding supplements is useless (but probably harmless, also). In order to avoid risk of tolerance and or abuse, you should try not to take regular amounts every day


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