I wanted to ask if I should be worried about itchy nose after using cocaine.

At the time of snorting I had some nose bleed. It stopped fairly quickly within half an hour. Since then only once I had some blood coming out on a tissue but just once, two days after my first cocaine intake. Then, 5 days after the first intake I snorted again the same shit. This time I didn’t have any nose bleeding. However, since then I have felt my nose fragile and sort of itchy. In the last few days it has become increasingly itchy and I would say it even hurts a tiny bit. No bleeding, however. I have also been sneezing a lot and having runny nose for the last two days, sort of flu symptoms.

1st snort 14th of Feb (with bleeding). Second bleeding 16 Feb.
2nd snort 18th Feb (no bleeding)
27th Feb until now – increased itchy-ness and flu sympthoms like sneezing, feeling down, runny nose (not sure if actual flu or just the nose)

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the purest of cocaine…  Do you think I should be worried?



It is very unlikely that snorting occasional average amounts of cocaine causes severe problems. Your symptoms do not seem worrying in this moment. Persisting bleeding, complete and persisting nasal congestion, white and fetid nasal secretion, intense pain in cheeks or forehead are common alarm symptoms. Probably washing your nostrils with a saline solution twice a day at warm temperature using a syringe during 7-10 days should be enough to recovery. In relation with snorting technique , it is recommendable to pulverize the substance to a very thin dust before sniffing. Do not use always the same nostril for sniffing, but alternate both. Sniffing straw should not point to nasal septum, but to nasal turbinates (lateral ) , where vascularization is greater and absorption better.


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