I’m new to cocaine use in my mid-50s but my love and I love it’s effect during long, wonderful romantic sessions.

I find though that I need a fairly heavy administration of cocaine over an hour and  half or so before I can start to feel much besides annoying jittery feelings.

After an hour and a half of say 100-120mg every half hour then I can settle into 30mg every 45 minutes or so and feel phenomenal.

I worry about that initial high usage … is there some biochemical reason some of us seem to get less from the low doses?



Pharmacollogically, half-life of cocaine is shorter than other drugs. Effects appear and dissappear during the first hour, and it is necessary to redose to obtain effects. 100-120 mg is considered a high dosage and could lead to problems more easily than using lower dosages. Anyway, there are too many factors (tolerance, age, concurrence of other cardiovascular risk factors, context of use, experiences…) that can modify the dosage. Accumulation in the body of dosages and other neurochemical factors can explain the fact that you get less from the low dosages


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