How often a week doing coke up the nose will be heading for a serious habit?

I’ve found my cola usage is going up a bit now I have found some decent quality gear & I’ve been using 1mg Xanax to ease the comedown & help me fall asleep which it does perfectly.

I understand that everybody’s different with regards addiction & tolerance levels but any imput from you would be really appreciated

I’m going through about a gram per week, spread out from the weekend & a session midweek sometimes, would it be a good idea to slow down for a while as I find coke very moorish just lately which has got me thinking…



The question is very difficult to answer…how much sex is too much sex? how much drugs are too much drugs?. In some diseases (diabetes, hypertension…) there are objective parameters to measure normality from disease. But in drugs things do not work like this….

In my opinion, it is not the professional (doctor or whatever) who has to decide if someone is using or abusing drugs. It is the user who has to measure if his own use of drugs is appropiate for the personal, social, laboral or familiar activities he wants to develop. Of course there are patterns of use that are objectively harmful, but limits are difficult in many cases.

In general, routine or cyclic patterns of use of substances with high potential of addiction (in the case you mention, cocaine and benzodiacepines) are more risky or harmful than occasional, recreative uses. Anyway, if you think/feel that you should slow your pattern of use, follow your instinct…


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