I have a quick maybe dumb question, I have medical problems and in my early 30’s (Getting old  lol)

Kind of off topic but seems this is the place it will be awnsered. So a few weeks back I was totally stung out on coke, all honesty was buying ozzys local to resell but ended up snorting it all. When I was at the hight of addiction I was snorting an oz a week to myself, I am not proud or bragging its was horrible and would not wish it on anyone.

Now I cut back big time, but my nose is completely fucked always full of buggers even when I am not sniffing. Was just wondering could that be from lots of lev in the coke? Also is there any good shit to help it heal, or should I go see a doctor?



You could try irrigating your nostrils with saline water warm and a syringe twice a day. If it does not work in a week, buggers are stinky or bloody or nose remains closed, then you should visit a doctor


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