Bit of a random question but here goes…

I’m getting over a cold (green/yellow snot – gross I know!)

I clear my nose by blowing & spraying some saline up it to clear & unblock it before snorting & although I can feel the effects of the coke, would the coke feel stronger if I had a completely clear & dry nose???

I don’t want to be wasting decent gear, I’d much rather save it for when my nose clears.


Yes…absorption by intranasal route depends on state of nasal mucous membrane. If the membrane is swollen because of a flu/cold, rate of absorption will be lower. And, even, it could be easier to have complications as nasal infection or sinusitis.

If symptoms are very mild, a pre-washing with saline can be useful. But in most cases I think there are no other alternatives than try other drug. In the case of cocaine rest of routes have a poor ratio of benefit/risks and intranasal route is the best one. Cocaine is active by oral route but you should need to double or triple the dosage to obtain a mild effect. Smoked or injected are possible routes, also, but risks are much higher than intranasal and are not recommended at all. So maybe it is better just to wait until the cold is finished


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