question 1-is a 50/50 mix of l-glutamine and cocaine believed to be 80-84%pure safe?  if not what are some safe cuts that can be used.

question 2-how long should the “”high”” of cocaine last for 80-85% purity.  the 50/50 cut leaves people wanting to redose every 30minutes.



1.- Cuts can produce various health problems, depending on the nature of the substance and route of administration. Intravenous use is the most harmful in this way. Glutamine is not a common adulterant for cocaine and some effects are theoretically possible in intranasal or intravenous use. Lactose, manitol or other simple sugars are other common adulterants with less problems. The most frequent adulterant in this moment is levamisol, that can cause severe (although uncommon) adverse dermatological or immunological problems.

2.- The duration of the effect is related to the total amount of active substance in each dose, and not in proportions. Intranasal effects of cocaine last for 30-60 minutes.


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