I’m currently very stoned and was wondering the truth about weed? How bad is it in reality? If we were talking about around 2-4 grams a day for a long time? And are the health differences big when you compare a bong versus a joint?



Most relevant consequences of heavy cannabis use are related to short time memory. Frequent cannabis users learn with more difficulty (and forget easily) new concepts. I´m talking about the memory we use to learn new things (studying) or remember a phone number. This effect depends on dosage (more frequent and intense in very heavy cannabis users) and dissapears with abstinence (aproximately after 3-4 weeks of abstinence).

Risk of lung problems (chronic bronchitis, lung cancer…) are probably similar to tobacco ones. Risk of joints and bongs are similar (as they produce combustion) but vaporizers avoid lung problems.

Other risks frequently related to cannabis ( infertility, chromosome damage…) are part of the anti-drug propaganda and are not real.

In any case, daily use of any drugs involves more risk than occasional, recreational use. There are psychological and social factors risks to consider. And “2-4 grams” can be a lot or not too much depending on potency and purity of cannabis strain.


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