What are the risks of the use of cannabis regarding schizophrenia? I have 3 members of my family who have/had schizophrenia. Although I take LSD and DMT more than weed, what are the chances of cannabis use activating a predisposed schizophrenic psychosis? As said, 2 members of my family have both been admitted to hospital after cannabis use has activated a schizophrenic psychosis, so how should I go about this? Stop smoking weed altogether or is it safe enough?

Not sure if you’ll have time to reply or if this is your area of knowledge, but it would be useful to know.


There are some studies linking use of cannabis and after development of schizophrenia, particularly in teenagers.

One important point in this subject is that, the fact that two things are correlated or linked does not mind that one is the cause of the other. I will try to explain with an example. I read some time ago a study saying that “people who read the composition of the food have less problems of obesity”. Probably, who read labels and get information about what they are eating, are more concerned about their health and have better dietary habits. But the fact of reading a label won´t keep you thinner.

This is a very important idea,and it is forgotten many times talking about drugs. In the model we explain schizophrenia actually, there is a susceptible or pre-morbid personality and there are “stressing factors” that trigger the disease. Known factors developing schizophrenia are divorce of parents, military service or sentimental break-up. Use of psychedelics can also trigger an schizophrenia, but probably only in susceptible, pre-morbid personalities. Think that use of cannabis has grown all over the world in the last 20 years and incidence of schizophrenia remains stable, around 1%.

In this sense, familiar antecedents of schizophrenia is clearly an accepted risk factor for developing this disease. Your risk is probably increased in relation with other persons. This does not mean that it will definetly appear, but risk is increased. This depend on many factors (age, personality ,previous response to other drugs…). In people with familiar antecedents of schizophrenia psychedelic use (including cannabis) is not recommended. There can be exceptions, but, as a general information by Internet is all I can say.

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