Hi Doc, does pot have any effects on how you act while not high? I know the question seems stupid but it’d be a good thing to know from a real doctor.


Central Nervous System is a structure rich in lipids (fats), it has a lot of cannabinoid receptors and cannabis has a very high affinity by lipidic tissues, so I think your question is not stupid at all. Long-time, residual effects of cannabis depend a lot on pattern of use. There is evidence that regular use of cannabis can produce a selective effect in short-time memory (memory used to learn or remember new concepts). People who use cannabis regularly learn new concepts with more difficulty (and forget more easily) than no users:


This effect is very dependent on pattern of use. For most occasional, non-intensive users this effect is probably unnoticeable. In daily users of cannabis this effect can have some impact, and in most heavy users is significant. There are also important inter-individual differences caused by other factors.

The effect is not neurotoxic, and reversible after a few (3-4) weeks of abstinence


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