My partner is currently on Lovan 20mg and smokes roughly 3.5g of weed a week. We have recently found out she is pregnant so her doctor has started cutting back her lovan by 5mg every 2 weeks. After the first 2 weeks she has found it tough to do this whilst also reducing her weed intake, she was thinking of coming of one drug at a time to lessen the impact on her. Is this safe to do so, and if so, which one should she come off first?


Use of cannabis during pregnancy has not been related to birth defects. There is some evidence that it can cause a lower weight of newborn (although this may be biased by the use of tobacco). Some investigators have also found can subtle neurocognitive effects that persist for several weeks. But there is no risk of malformation. In relation with fluoxetine, it has been shown to be associated with a small increased risk of heart defects in the unborn child if used during the first three months of pregnancy. Incidence of this problem is 1% in general population; use of fluoxetine in early pregnancy may slightly increase this risk to around 2 per 100 pregnancies. Use of psychoactive drugs during pregnancy should always be avoided during pregnancy. In real life this can be sometimes difficult. The first three months (where organs develop) is the most risky period. Risks of both fluoxetine and cannabis seem relatively low, but, in any case, administration of drugs in a person who is not deciding by himself should be avoided if possible. Risks on the mother should be considered, also.

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