i might have to be put on mood stabilisers to treat BPD but i enjoy the occasional chemical binge every now and then (or ‘weekend’ as it’s known to most people    :P).

i know SSRI’s are a no-no when it comes to MDMA but can anyone tell me if lithium (or any other mood stabilisers they might give me) interact with:


i seriously doubt it has any effect on pot, but i am quite the stoner so thought i’d add it to the list.

currently tapering off a semi-serious Etizolam problem as well, hence benzos on the list (i know tiz is not strictly a benzo but i’m using other PAM’s [flubro & diclaz – don’t like valium] to come off them). i’ve searched this site and the interweb in general but can’t find any definitive answers so thought i’d put the question where some people might actually know.

if anyone could repost this in drug safety i’d be very appreciative, or ask Doctor X for me if he’s still around.



Pharmacollogically, interactions between lithium and recreational drugs (cocaine, MDMA, benzos or cannabis) are unlikely. But, in this case, the most important aspect is not pharmacollogical, but the influence of mind-altering , stimulant or psychedelic-like substances (cocaine, MDMA or cannabis) in a person suffering borderline personality disorder. Persons with this condition are more susceptible to negative reactions to these substances. This is the reason to recommend abstinence (or low dosages and frequencies) in persons with BPD.


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