I posted on here around the beginning of the year about a bad time I had with some pure amphetamine and unknowingly potentiating it with baking soda, which I take regularly for heartburn.I’m not having breathing issues anymore, but I’ve noticed my pulse is remaining consistantly high during the day. According to my cheap BP meter, it’s around 100-120bpm. My blood pressure is pretty much normal, avg. 135 over 85. I’ve stopped using all amphetamines and stimulants, no more decongestant in the morning or caffeinated soda or coffee (i have a tea once in awhile). I do use cannabis daily.I’m slightly overweight, smoke maybe 8 cigarettes a day (honestly), but my father has had a history of high BP and his father died of heart failure. I’m not that damned old but this is really starting to worry me.I’m trying to get into a doctor now, hopefully a local free clinic as I have no insurance and very little income. Any info would REALLY be appreciated right now! I really appreciate what you do on here, as I’m sure everyone else does!



Tachycardia can be a symptom of different diseases.Before giving advice it is indispensable to perform tests (radiology, electrocardiography and blood test)  in order to know where is the problem. It is not necessarily something very important or a severe disease, but it is not possible to give an advice without a correct diagnosis. So the only info I can offer is the necessity of talking with a real-world doctor.


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