My question concerns GBL/GHB and using prescription drugs. I use a (Seroxat or Optibar are the brand names.) SSRI 40mg in the morning and
Seroquel 300mg in the evening for mental illnesses. Very randomly I use klonazepam 2mg in the evening to relax. I know this is dodgy, using drugs while using depression/anxiety medication, but this is my situation.

The question is, if/when I make GHB from GBL and start using it, does it interfere with SSRI, Seroquel or random benzos? Or do I even make bigger risks with this combination and I shouldn’t use it at all?

In any case I will use proper instructions on GHB and be very careful with the dosage. That is unless the combination is so risky I should just leave the stuff alone.



GHB has depressant effects on Central Nervous System. Little increases in dosage can lead to dramatic effects and it is important to be very careful with dosage. Using other depressants on the same time can multiply sedative effects. This is particularly important in the case of benzos. Use of GHB with any benzo can be extremely dangerous. Quetiapine (Seroquel) has antihistaminic properties and may increase risk of deep sleep. So combination with this two drugs (and particularlly benzos) is dangerous. Duration of GHB effects are 4-5 hours. If you take Seroquel 12 hours after GHB there is no problem at that level


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