Hello Doc, I was considering preparing Ayahuasca for therapeutic and entheogenic purposes, and I wanted to know if you had any experience with this preperation and how it compares to other psychedelics such as LSD and Mushrooms. I am going to take 6g of mimosa to 2g of syrian rue and sit around a camp fire. What subjective cognitive effects should I expect?


Composition and effects of ayahuasca depends on many factors: kind of plant, method of extraction, preservation…concentrations of DMT and MAOIs are very different depending on these factors


Effects are different to psychedelics as LSD or mushrooms. Spiritual revelations are more common, as contact with spiritual dimensions and extra dimensional beings (“power animals”). Physical effects (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea) are frequent too.


It is important that, as with any other psychedelic effects are mediated by set and setting. Motivations, context of use, expectations, beleifs, intentions…are factors that have influence in subjective effects. There are people who report important and deep psychological changes after ayahuasca use. In many cases these changes are positive for persons, in other integration of experience is more difficult and it may appear emotional and psychological distress. In uncommon occasions long-lasting, severe psychological/psychiatric conditions can be developed or triggered in pre-disposed persons.

Clasically, presence and advice of a “shaman” is adviced for ayahuasca use,  if you are using ayahuasca in a classical-ritual context this may be convenient.

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