Are you aware of any negetive reactions between MDMA and aripiprazole, (Abilify)?

Not sure if I suffer from bipolar disorder or depression or even ptsd, but I haven’t found any neg. effects yet.



There are no reported toxic effects or increment of adverse reactions of mixing MDMA and aripiprazole. But the most important aspects are not pharmacological, but the influence of mind-altering , stimulant or psychedelic-like substances (cocaine, MDMA or cannabis) in a person suffering a mental health problem. I suposse this because aripiprazole is a drug used in these conditions. Persons with this condition are more sensitive to negative reactions with MDMA and psychedelics. As some people are more susceptible to stomach problems taking antiinflammatory drugs , other have more risk of triggering or developing mental problems if using psychedelic-like or empathogen drugs


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