I have a ‘friend’ whom whilst tripping on 25I-Nbome started to come down and freaked out a bit.My friend now suffers from anxiety and I don’t know what to do about it, and would have to see a psycologist to get a prescription to get medsThis person suffers from crohn’s disese and i’m worried that could have been a part of the problem. :/ Would there be any risk of them taking xanax to stop the anxiety attacks?EDIT: Friend is around the age of 18 and female. Very short and skinny



I can´t find a link between psychedelics and Crohn´s disease. I do not think that is part of the problem. Xanax can be an option to cut a panic attack, but if they are recurrent it is not the best medication. Some SSRIs are more helpful long time. Anyway, there is little human experience with 25I-NBOMe. If her problem persist I think she should search for medical advice


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