I am very interested in exploring 5-MEO-DMT as an entheogen. However, I am apprehensive about whether there are any dangers. I have never read about any reported deaths or serious complications, but the many trip reports mention breathing irregularities, having to remember to breath, people turning a bit blue in the face, extremely elevated heart rate or blood pressure, feeling like an elephant in sitting on you or you blood is turning to concrete, etc.  I read the LD50 is very high though, far higher than the active dose.  So my question, are these physical effects all in peoples’ heads? Is 5-MEO-DMT just as safe as N-N-DMT or are there any real dangers involved?


Effects and risks of 5-MeO-DMT have been studied during decades. In fact, 5-MeO-DMT  is a common constituent of many different plants and has been used traditionally in psychoactives snuffs such as Yopo from the Anadenanthera colubrina seeds, Epena from Virola sap, and some ayahuasca-type brews. Risks are basically psychological and, as many other classical psychedelics, physical toxicity is considered to be very low.  Short term (1-10 minute) non-responsiveness or unconsciousness has been reported with smoked doses over 8-10 mg or insufflated doses over 15-20 mg, so sitters are extremely important. I think breathing problems are probably related to psychological stress, as there are no reported cases in science of organic toxicity associated to 5-MeO-DMT ( with the exception of intoxication from large doses and/or combinations with MAOIs)

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