When the topic is exactly on 2CB, i would need some explanations  yesterday i took 2CB, i mostly snort drugs, it was first time for me and i didnt do much psychadelics mostly opiates in my life. However i snorted what i think it was about est.25 to 30mg line of 2CB. Trip started in about hour or hour and half, and lasted through whole day WHOLE fkcn day, i didnt expect that. Whole new situation for me. And time didnt go ANYWHERE. was reading all the forums, experiences with 2CB etc etc and thing just didnt END. There were times that it did and i felt totally sober, than again wave came around and i was again in some other body, disconnected from my body. its about 30 hours now, i was able to sleep with some anti depry pill taken, and i still feel effects, i am tired as hell, my muscles hurts (btw i went running as i wanted to get it out of my system + i made 3,4 times like 100 squats LOL ) and it helped a bit to concentrate me. The biggest problem was because i started asking myself when will this finish, will i be “”dumb”” and not able to remember focus for my life from now on etc, so i fell in bad trip. And than again i was able to get me out and there were times i felt like i am on top of the world.

So today i feel tired as hell, unable to concentrate, focus, i mean its much better but i still feel it. Is this normal ? How long does it take to go our of body totally ? What do i have to eat/drink to recover ? Phyisical training helps i guess ? I have problemss with concentration and memory how long doest that take ? Did i “”fried my brains”” ? :=) All in all, awsome experience, i found kinda inner peace what i needed after all these years i think…


First of all, it would be important to verify if the drug you took was 2C-B. 25-30 mg of intranasal 2C-B is a high, psychedelic dosage, but effects should last 6 hours more or less. A typical characteristic of intranasal route using 2C-B is that insufflation is extremely painful because of an irritative effect on nasal tissues. This is sometimes described as “sniffing chili”. If you didn´t experience that, it is likely that the substance was other than 2C-B.

High doses of classical psychedelics can produce physical effects during some days that, normally, decrease until dissapearing. But I insist in the necessity of analyzing drugs before using them (as the Service provided by the Spanish NGO Energy Control) , to carefully measure dosages with a scale, and start with low dosages when trying a new substance.


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